The Spider Volume 1 The Spider - Vol. 1
"The Citadel of Hell" and "The Spider and the Sons of Satan" Double Novel Sanctum Special

Commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Pulps' most bloodthirsty crimebuster, the Spider wages war on evildoers in his FIRST Sanctum edition, backed with the superb historical extras that are the hallmark of Sanctum Books!  Hunted by police and marauding arsonists, Richard Wentworth dons his terrifying Spider guise for the first time as he battles to save New York from starvation manipulated by Red Mask and the Food Destroyers, in Norvell Page's landmark novel that revealed the origin of the Spider ring!

Then, a Prince of Evil collects tribute from the underworld for organized plundering. To end the reign of crime's new overlord, the Spider must subject himself to the Feast of the Scorpions, from which no one has ever escaped! This landmark pulp reprint features the original color covers by John Newton Howitt and Rafael DeSoto, John Fleming Gould's classic interior illustrations and new commentary by Will Murray.

Softcover, 7x10, black and white w/ color cover
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