The Shadow Vol. 52
THE SHADOW 80th Anniversary Commemorative 4-pack Collection

In honor of The Shadow's 80th anniversary, Sanctum Books collects its first four Shadow volumes with exclusive new bonus material in a special commemorative set. In eight thrill-packed pulp novels, the Knight of Darkness battles supervillains The Voodoo Master, The Red Blot, Malmordo, The Golden Vulture and The Murder Master, then teams up with the real Lamont Cranston to combat the murderous criminal organization called The Hydra.

The Shadow also fights a deadly rematch with one of his earliest foes in The Chinese Disks, and is trapped alone in his sanctum by an invading underworld army in Crime, Insured, one of Walter Gibson's greatest thrillers!

SPECIAL BONUS COLLECTOR'S ITEMS include high-quality reproductions of the rare 1934 and 1937 Shadow giveaway premium photos, and an exclusive reprint of The Shadow of Wall Street, the legendary 1929 story that foreshadowed the pulp's greatest mystery man. This instant collector's item showcases all eight color pulp covers, the original interior illustrations by Tom Lovell and Edd Cartier and historical commentary by popular culture historians Anthony Tollin and Will Murray.

Softcover, 7x10, black and white w/ color cover
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